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Blaine County
Trevor on his Quad.jpg
Name: Blaine County
Type: County
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
State: San Andreas
Country: United States

Blaine County is a county appearing in San Andreas, in Grand Theft Auto V. Blaine County is an open desert region, similar to Bone County in GTA San Andreas.


Blaine County has been described as "Barren, rundown desert region" that is based off of the destitute area around the Salton Sea (the Alamo Sea is the Rockstar Games rendition of the Salton Sea).



As said above, Blaine County is a barren rundown desert region that is filled with bikers, meth heads, and other walks of living human beings that are more comfortable on the fringes of society. It is also the hometown of two characters in GTA V. One of them is our new playable character Trevor Phillips, who's violent, maniacal, and drug fueled personality causes problems for some resident. Another character is Trevor's neighbor and new best buddy, Ron, who is a paranoiac conspiracy theorist.