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List of main and supporting characters in the 2006\2008 game, Bully.


Jimmy Hopkins[]


James "Jimmy" Hopkins is a Bullworth Academy student and the main protagonist of Bully.

Jimmy is 15 years old and smaller in height than most students but is reasonably stocky. Though what he lacks in height, he makes up for his high degree of physical toughness, fighting skills, and physical awareness that most students in Bullworth could not overcome.

Jimmy is dumped in Bullworth Academy by his newly-married mother and his 5th stepfather, whom Jimmy describes as a "rich old phony" whilst they go on a year-long honeymoon cruise. Knowing that Bullworth was his only chance to escape juvenile detention, he prepares for the worst.


Gary Smith[]


Gary Smith is a Bullworth Academy student and serve as the main antagonist of Bully.

Gary is a bit taller than Jimmy but more slender. He has a brown hair with a low fade style with a part on the left, brown eyes, and has a notable scar over his right eye.

Gary is one the most ruthless students at Bullworth Academy, often saying that he "rules Bullworth as an empire". He is highly arrogant who likes to torture other people and even his own friends. He is also known to manipulate people, like Jimmy, just to do all his dirty work.

Central Characters[]

Petey Kowalski[]

Petey Kowalski is a Bullworth student and jimmy's friend, he is a main character in Bully.

Clique leaders[]

Russell Northrop[]


Russell Northrop is the leader of the Bullies clique, first serving as an antagonist and nemesis to Jimmy Hopkins, but later becomes a close friend and ally for the rest of the game.

Russell is very tall and is one of the biggest and most feared students in the campus. He has incredible brute strength, being able to lift a grown man into the air with one arm. Russell can also intimidate and disrespect the Prefects and other authority.

Russell served as the chief nemesis of Jimmy for the duration of Chapter 1. Following Gary's betrayal, Jimmy is forced to fight Russell, and prevails, after which Russell and the other bullies become his close friend and firm ally.