This is the list of main and supporting characters of Max Payne 3.

Central charactersEdit

Max PayneEdit

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"I ain't a cop no more."
―Max Payne
Max Payne is a former NYPD detective and the main protagonist of Max Payne 3.

After the events of the first two games, Max tries to forget his past, but he can't. Max is now hunted again, being marked as a target after leading to the death of a Mob boss' son.

Max is requits by an old friend of his, Raul Passos, to work as a bodyguard to wealthy family, but Max understands that this is not going to be a vacation.

Raul PassosEdit


Raul Passos is a former NYPD detective turned bodyguard, and a friend of Max Payne.

Raul was once an NYPD detective, and met Max years ago, but he left for his own reasons. Raul recuits Max for a job as a bodyguard for a wealthy family in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Wilson Da SilvaEdit


Wilson Da Silva is Sao Paulo police department detective and an allie of Max Payne.

Wilson works on investigating people's dissapearance in Sao Paulo. He often gives information to max about enemies and their plans.


Victor BrancoEdit


Victor Branco is a member of the Branco Family and the brother of Marcelo Branco and Rodrigo Branco.

Victor is a politician who is trying to clean up crime up in Sao Paulo but is later revealed to be behind the ciy of sao Paulo's crimes.

Armando BeckerEdit


Armando Becker is a corrupt commander of the Unidade De Forcas Especiais in Sao Paulo.

Becker is Victor Branco's main lap dog as he is his most loyal folllower, following him around everywhere and supporting all his corrupt plans.

Main CharactersEdit