This is the list for the main and supporting characters of Red Dead Redemption.


John MarstonEdit

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John Marston (1873-1911) is a former outlaw, a rancher, and the main protagonist of Red Dead Redemption.

In his past, John was a member of the famouse Dutch's gang, along with Bill Williamson, Javier Escuella, and the leader, Dutch van der Linde. In a bank heist, John was shot, and after recovering, left the gang along with his family.

John lived in a farm and hired a family friend, known as Uncle. In 1911, John's family was kidnapped by BOI (which will become FBI) agent Edgar Ross, who held them until John will bring his former gang members to justice.

Jack MarstonEdit

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Jack Marston (1894\1895-) is John's son, and the secondary protagonist of Red Dead Redemption.

Jack is the only surviving child of John and his wife, Abigail.

Main CharactersEdit

Edgar RossEdit

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Edgar Ross (1854-1914) is a senior agent of the Bureau of Investigation (BOI), and the main antagonist of Red Dead Redemption.

Eager to clean the United States from gangs and bring civilization to the citizens, Ross kidnapps John's family, in order to make make him bring his (John's) former friends into justice.

Bill WilliamsonEdit

Bill Williamson (1868[?]-1911) is an outlaw, the leader of the infamouse Williamson Gang, and the main antagonist for the first two chapters of the game.

Bill was once a member of Dutch's gang, and a former friend of John Marston. After the gang was disbanded, Bill founded his own gang and moved to Fort Mercer.

After his family was kidnapped, John was told to capture or kill Bill. Bill is responsible for a few of the most sadistic crimes in New Austin, and is mainly dubbed as "The Worst Bandit in the Country".

Bonnie MacFarlaneEdit

Bonnie MacFarlane is a pretty, yet tomboish rancher, one of the owners of MacFarlane's Ranch, and a major ally in the game.

Bonnie saves Marston after the latter was injured, and paying a doctor for him. John decides to repay his debt to her and helps with her regular duties in the ranch.