Clean Getaway
Clean Getaway GTA IV
Name: Clean Getaway
Game: GTA IV
From: Vlad
Location(s): Hove Beach, Broker
Target(s): Jimmy's car
Reward(s): $150
Conditions of mission failure: Car destroyed
Unlocks: Ivan the Not So Terrible
Unlocked by: Hung Out To Dry
Clean Getaway is a mission in GTA IV given to Niko Bellic by Vladimir Glebov from the Comrades Bar in Hove Beach, Broker.

In this mission Niko has to ride in the subway in order to steal a car for Vlad.

Game IntroductionsEdit

This mission introduces Niko and the player the system of  Subway riding and the Carwash.

Mission TasksEdit

The player must must follow the following objectives to complete the mission:

  • Go to the subway station.
  • Go up to the station platform.
  • Wait for the train to arrive.
  • Find an take the silver Blista Compact.
  • Take Jimmy's car to the lockup.
  • Take Jimmy's car to the wash.
  • Now take Jimmy's car to the lockup.

Mission WalkthroughEdit

During the cutscene, Niko enters the Comrades Bar, Vlad then asks him to come walk with him to his car. While walking with Vlad, he talks about his boss Mikhail Faustin showing repect towards him whie showing to be very abusive amongs other people showing disrespect for them and pushing a familiar tramp. When both  arrive to Vlad's Marbelle, Vlad tells Niko that there is a guy name Jimmy who is not paying his debts to Mikhail so he wants him to go and steal his car to show him Mikahil means business, Niko then ask Vlad if he is going to drive him but Vlad says that he can't be seen with a peasant like him and that he has to take the Subway train instead.

After exiting Vlad's car the player must go to the Subway and then go to the first platform of the Subway station, the player must wait a few seconds for the train to arrive. After the train arrives the player has to get in to the train, the player can choose to watch the whole view or skip the trip. After arriving to the destination, the player must go and steal Jimmy's car, there will also be some people watching Jimmy's back, the player can choose to kill Jimmy and them or quickly run away and take the car. Niko will then call Vlad and tell him he got the car but is pretty beaten up, Vlad then shouts at Niko telling him he do can nothing right and tells him to take it to the Carwash and bring it back to the lockup. The player must then take the car to the Carwash and bring to the Vlad's lockup, completing the mission.

Mission RewardEdit

Completing this mission rewards the player with $150 and unlocks Ivan the Not So Terrible for Vlad.

Video WalkthroughEdit

GTA 4 - Mission 10 - Clean Getaway (1080p)-0

GTA 4 - Mission 10 - Clean Getaway (1080p)-0


  • The Blista Compact stolen in this mission is used by Vlad again in the mission Uncle Vlad.