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Digital Eclipse Software, Inc were formed in 1992, and specialized in the development, publishing, and distribution of Mac productivity software. The company began its gaming development with the Mac-based Williams Digital Arcade. In 1994, the company turned to exclusive game development.

Digital Eclipse were responsible for the development of Grand Theft Auto Advance for the Game Boy Advance handheld console.

Digital Eclipse[]

Digital Eclipse was a video game development team formed in 1992. The company originally had a headquarters in Emereyville, California.

Merger in 2003[]

In 2003 Digital Eclipse formed a merger with ImaginEngine. After the merger the companies renamed themselves Backbone Entertanment. Between them they have developed over 30 games including: Grand Theft Auto Advance, Rock Band 3, Dance Central 3, and Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

Another Merger[]

In 2005 Backbone Entertainment mergers with video game developer The Collective, Inc. After this they formed a new conglomerate named Foundation 9 Entertainment.The Foundation 9 Entertainment conglomerate initially used the Backbone Entertainment brand for its original titles, the Digital Eclipse brand for its arcade emulation titles, and ImaginEngine for many children's titles. Currently, the name ImaginEngine is used for products from the Boston based studiobased studio of Foundation 9 Entertainment, while Backbone Entertainment is used for their Emereyville, California based studiobased studio. The Digital Eclipse brand is no longer in use, and its website redirects to Backbone Entertainment.

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