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Name: GTA Online Protagonist
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto Online
Gender: Player-determined
Status: Alive (can respawn after dying)
Date of birth: Player-determined
Place of birth: Unknown
Home: Player-determined, San Andreas
Nationality: Player-determined
Affiliation(s): Player-determined
Vehicle(s): Player-determined
Business(es): Player-determined
Family: Player-determined
Weapon(s): Player-determined
Voiced by: None
Player (through microphone headset)
Height: {{{Heigth}}}

The Grand Theft Auto Online protagonist, also known as the GTA Online protagonist, is the character who the player can create and play as through the online servers of Grand Theft Auto V.


Their appearance is determined by the player through the player creation menu.


The protagonist is known to be silent and loyal to those who are close to them and/or those who offer them opportunities. Their overall personality is determined by the player’s actions.

Events of GTA Online[]

After creation, the player is first seen on a plane, heading for the state of San Andreas. After landing, they meet up with Lamar Davis, who they met online. The player is tasked to do some errands for Lamar throughout the beginning while also racing him once. Soon, the player is then ready to explore San Andreas

After completing the tutorial, the player can then decide what to do next as they explore San Andreas.

Death and resurrection[]

Once the player dies the first time, there is a cutscene of a man from the Epsilon Program. Afterwards, they are restored back to life. If dying again, the player will just respawn nearby.


  • It is possible through the Parent Model option in the creation menu, that the GTA Online protagonist can be related to either Grand Theft Auto protagonists Claude and Niko Bellic or Red Dead Redemption protagonist John Marston. However, if the player chooses John as a parent model, then the GTA Online protagonist could be a possible relative to John Marston if his son, Jack Marston ever had children.