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Los Angeles, California is a fictional city featured in Midnight Club II and Midnight Club: Los Angeles (PSP release).

Midnight Club II[]

Los Angeles is the first city in Midnight Club II. Players must defeat Moses before they can freeroam.


Moses, Steven, Maria, Angel, Gina, Mauro, Hector, Dice, Savo (last two races in game)


Watts is a section of LA included in Midnight Club II. It is the home of Hector and other racers.

Midnight Club Los Angeles[]

The entire game takes place within Los Angeles. Missions take place within the areas of Hollywood, Downtown, the Hills, and the beaches. The South Central Premium Upgrade adds missions in the South Central region.



Main article: Los Angeles Police Department


The game features many landmarks that are identical to their real life counterparts. 

Midnight Club: LA Remix[]

The city returns in Midnight Club: Los Angeles Remix, however, it looks a little less detailed due to the fact that MCLA Remix is a PSP game and cannot take the graphics the Xbox 360 Midnight Club: Los Angeles can take. This time, its a updated version of Midnight Club 2 counterpart.