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Manhunt 2
Manhunt 2.png
Name: Manhunt 2
Developer(s): Rockstar Vienna
Rockstar London (PS2, PC)
Rockstar Toronto (Wii)
Rockstar Leeds (PSP)
Rockstar North
Publisher(s): Rockstar Games
Release date: Oct 29th, 2007
Nov 6th, 2009 (PC)
Platform(s): PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Wii, Microsoft Windows
Engine: Renderware
Series: Manhunt
Protagonist: Daniel Lamb
Date takes place: 2012, 2006

Manhunt 2 is a controversial stealth-action game in the horror genre. The game was released in 2007 for Playstation 2, Playstation Portable and Nintendo Wii in 2007 and for PC in 2009. Manhunt 2 is the sequel to 2003's Manhunt, making it the second game of the Manhunt series.


Rockstar Vienna begun Manhunt 2, but were shut down. Rockstar London then worked on the PS2 and PC version, whilst Rockstar Toronto did the Wii version and Rockstar Leeds, the PSP. Rockstar North (the developers of Manhunt) oversaw the development.

Different studios working on each different port caused many version differences, such as weapons appearing only on certain ports and different execution styles. Rockstar Games Rockstar London Rockstar Toronto Rockstar Vienna Rockstar North Rockstar Leeds PlayStation Portable PlayStation 2 Wii Microsoft Windows


The gameplay of Manhunt 2 remains very similar to the first game, with only few things taken away and many things added. Just like Manhunt, Manhunt 2 is played in 3rd person in a linear "level" style and focuses on stealth. At most times the player must stay hidden in the shadows and execute hunters from behind in brutal ways, with a variety of weapons.

Executions are performed by sneaking up behind an unaware hunter with a weapon and tapping or holding down the attack button. The longer it is held down, the more brutal the execution and for each weapon there three levels of execution: Hasty, Violent and Gruesome.

Notable new features to gameplay, not in the first game include:

  • Climbing/wall scaling
  • Crawling (under walls, through airvents and tunnels ...etc)
  • Jumping executions
  • Using the environment and surroundings to execute victims (like drowning them in an oil barrel or beating them to death in a toilet cubicle)
  • Firearm executions
  • Smashing lights to create more shadows


Danny (front) and Leo (back) before escaping the asylum

The story revolves around Daniel Lamb, a former scientist for the Pickman Project with a second personality by the name of Leo Kasper. Six years ago, the pair were locked away in Dixmor Asylum, but now a power failure and a riot allow them to escape. Danny tries to find out about his past, but everywhere he goes he runs into hit-men working for the Project. Leo convinces Danny to fight back, so they both go on a killing spree to get back at the Project, as Danny slowly remembers things about his past.