Max Payne 3
Max Payne 3
Name: Max Payne 3
Developer(s): Rockstar Vancouver
Rockstar New England
Rockstar London
Rockstar Toronto
Publisher(s): Rockstar Games
Release date: May 15, 2012
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Engine: RAGE
Series: Max Payne
Protagonist: Max Payne
Mode(s): Singleplayer
Date takes place: 2012
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Downloadable content: Local Justice
Disorganized Crime
Deathmatch Made In Heaven Mode Pack
Hostage Negotiation Map Pack
New York Minute Co-Op Pack
Painful Memories Map Pack
Trickle Down Economics Map Pack
"I ain't a cop no more."
Max Payne

Max Payne 3 is a third-person shooter video game in the Max Payne franchise published by Rockstar Games for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Development is led by Rockstar Vancouver in collaboration with the New England, London and Toronto studios. The game was released on May 15 2012 to the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.


This is the first game in the series not to be developed by Finnish game developer Remedy Entertainment and not being written by series creator Sam Lake. The game was originally scheduled for release in late 2009, however, it was pushed back to 2010 alongside several other Take-Two Interactive franchises in order to "benefit from having more development time.". In June 2010, the game was again pushed back to 2011.

On December 21, it was not present on the 2011-2012 calendar year, and was pushed back again. The game is still in development and not canceled or indefinitely halted when Rockstar released two new screenshots for the game.

On September 8, 2011 Rockstar announced a March 2012 release date for the game, with a trailer to be released on September 14.

The game was pushed again to May 15 2012, and was finally released to the consoles.

Setting and PlotEdit

The story of the game is set 8 years prior to the game's release. The location is Sao Paulo in Brazil.

Max Payne 3 follows Max Payne's life 9 years after Max Payne 2. Max is no longer a detective, and he is addicted to alcohol and painkillers.

Max is once again hunted by the Mafia, now under the leadery of Anthony DeMarco, for killing Demarco's son. One day, an old friend of Max', Raul Passos, offers Max to work as a bodyguard for the wealthy Branco family.



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