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The following list contains the storyline missions along with other extra task needed for 100% completion in theGTA IV  DLC The Ballad of Gay Tony. Unlike other GTA games, the missions in The Ballad of Gay Tony are scored based on how well the player does. If the player completes all missions with a score of 100% they get the "Golden Star" trophy or achievement, But if the completes all storyline missions withn a score of 80% they get "Past the Velvet Rpe" achievement or Trophy. Storyline mission is listed in the order they are given in the game.

Storyline Missions[]

Gay Tony

  • I Luv LC
  • Chinese Takeout
  • Practice Swing

Adriana Yanira Lopez

  • Momma's Boy

Armando Torres

  • Corner Kids
  • Clocking Off

Yusuf Amir

  • Sexy Time
  • High Dive
  • Caught With Your Pants Down

Gay Tony

  • Bang Bang
  • Blog This...
  • Boulevard Baby
  • Frosting on the Cake
  • ...Blog This
  • Not So Fast
  • Ladies' Night

Mori Kibbutz

  • KIbbutz Number One
  • This Aint Checkers
  • No. 3

Ray Bulgarin

  • Going Deep
  • Dropping In
  • In The Crosshairs

Yusuf Amir

  • For The Man Who Has Everything

Gay Tony

  • Ladies Half Price

Rocco Pelosi

  • Party's Over

Gay Tony

  • Departure Time