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The following list contains the storyline missions along with other side mission needed to get 100% completion in the GTA IV DLC The Lost and Damned. Storyline missions are listed in the order they are given in the game.

Storyline Missions[]

Billy Grey

  • Clean and Serene
  • Angels in America
  • It's War
  • Action/Reaction

Jim Fitzgerald

  • Liberty City Choppers
  • Bad Cop Drop

Elizabeta Torres

  • Buyer's Market

Thomas Stubbs III

  • Politics
  • Off Route

Ashley Butler

  • Coming Down

Billy Grey

  • This Shit's Cursed

Jim Fitzgerald

  • Hit the Pipe

Elizabeta Torres

  • Heavy Toll
  • Marta Full of Grace
  • Shifting Weight

Ashley Butler

  • Roman's Holiday

Ray Boccino

  • Diamonds in the Rough
  • Collector's Item
  • Was It Worth It?

Thomas Stubbs

  • Get Lost

Side Missions[]

Random Characters[]

  • Dave Grossman ( 1 mission)
  • Malc (2 missions)
  • Brian Jeremy (1 mission, only if spared in Bad Standing)

Bike Theft Missions[]

  • Angus Bike Thefts