Name: Mukade
Appearance(s): Oni
Status: Syndicate Master Ninja
Affiliation(s): Regional State Building: Break-in
Vehicle(s): Zip-line, Teleportation
Weapon(s): Martial Arts, Static Projectiles
Voiced by: Kevin Gudahl

A boss antagonist in the game Oni. In Japanese, Mukade

(ムカデ) means 'centipede'.

Ninja Leader Edit

"Muro's master ninja, Mukade, has removed the Hasagawa records from the data archives! You must find him, and retrieve the Data Disk that holds the clues to your past."
—Objective briefing

Stealth Mission Edit

Working under Syndicate leader, Muro, Mukade is sent to the regional state building to uncover information about Konoko. He manages to steal a file from the classified archives undetected by TCTF enforcers, but is caught by Konoko herself. When he is pursued by her, she begins to sense his feelings and thoughts, almost like they are connected in some way.

The Chase Edit

The pursuit leads her through the rooftops where many highly skilled ninja subordinates await, intending to put a stop to the chase. Dispite the numerous encounters, this doesn't stop Konoko and she makes her way up to meet Mukade. When she inquires about the bizarre connection she was experiencing in perusing him, he responds in a cryptic manner.
"Who are you? Why can I feel you inside me?"
"Does your blood burn when you kill? Mine does...we writhe inside as we are torn apart to make way for what we will become. Surrender to it. Let the bliss of oblivion free you from your doubts and fears..."
Mukade begins to do battle with Konoko, having been forced into a corner. When she takes him down, Konoko considers his words and ponders how the two of them could be alike. Repulsed by the idea, she exclaims she is nothing like him. She leaves his body on the rooftops and retrieves the stolen file holding the secrets she yearns to know.
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