"You see we're the bad guys. We enforce the rules. Now, while the rules may not be perfect, they're really not so bad. I'll tell you what the alternative is; it's about one man and his gun versus another man. Sure I know its difficult. Civilization may be dull, but the alternative, is hell"
Edgar Ross, Red Dead Redemption -- This is our motto

The following is a list of Rockstar Games Wiki Rules and Policies.

Users who will break the rules will be warned, and if they continue this path, they will be blocked.

  1. Copyright - Do not copy articles form other wikis and add them here. Anyone who copies from other wikis will be warned and if continued, the user will be blocked from editing.
  2. Good faith - Every user must edit properly.
  3. Civility - Treat every user with respect; do not insult them or harass them. Doing this will result in a warning and if continued, the user will be blocked from editing.
  4. Images - All images must have proper and understandable names.
  5. Badges Boosting - All users must remember to edit properly and should not make poor/bad faith edits to get badges.
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