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"You took sixteen years from me Sonny and now I'm gonna make you pay"
―Tommy Vercetti before killing Sonny Forelli.
Tommy Vercetti
Tommy Artwork.jpg
Name: Tommy Vercetti
Also known as/Alias(es): Thomas
Mr. Vercetti
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto Vice City Remake: GTA V RAGE Engine
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Date of birth: June 18, 1972 (aged 49)
Home: Miami (2002-Present)
Nationality: Italian-American
Affiliation(s): Sonny Forelli (formerly)
Lance Vance (formerly)
Vercetti Gang
Ken Rosenberg (formerly)
Mercedes Cortez
Juan Cortez
Umberto Robina
Avery Carrington
Ricardo Diaz (formerly)
Mitch Baker
Business(es): Criminal, drug dealer and mermswimmer
Family: : Frank Vercetti (Father) : Debbie Vercetti (Mother) : Timothy Vercetti (Younger Brother)
Weapon(s): Player's choice
Voiced by: Ray Liotta
Height: 6’2”

Tommy Vercetti is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as the main protagonist of Grand Theft Auto Vice City Remake

Tommy is a former member of the Forelli Family and drug dealer having rose to the top as the crime underlord and the leader of his own mafia, the Vercetti Gang, based in Vice City, and now is a current mermswimmer.

Tommy is voiced by, Ray Liotta.


Early Life[]

Tommy was born in Miami. His father owned a printing press and as a young man Tommy helped his father by cleaning the rollers. He planned to follow his father's footsteps.


Events of GTA Vice City Remake[]

Drug Deal[]

In 2002, Tommy was released from prison after Sonny "pulled some strings". Forelli decides to send Tommy to Vice City to set up a drug cartel for the Forelli's as Sonny wanted to become involved in the drug dealing business, stating "Vice City is 24 carat gold these days". Tommy flies to Vice City with Harry and Lee along with some cash and meets Ken Rosenberg in the airport. But the drug deal, organized by Juan Cortez between the Forelli Family and the Vance brothers, was ambushed by Ricardo Diaz' goons. Only Lance Vance, Ken Rosenberg, and Tommy Vercetti were able to survived.

Tommy informs Sonny about this, infuriated later reminds him that he is not the guy to be screwed with. He begins to hunt down who stole the cocaine and the money by working for criminals in Vice City in hopes of getting information.

Early Jobs in Vice City[]

First Job for Rosenberg[]

While Tommy and Ken are discussing some leads on there busted drug deal, Ken tells Tommy to head to a yacht party that is hosted by Colonel Cortez for more information, (Cortez was the individual that arranged the deal in the first place). While there, Tommy meets Cortez who tells him that they'll both talk about the situation later. Tommy also meets Cortez's daughter, Mercedes Cortez, who gives Tommy a personal tour of the party's sleazy guest before they both leave.

Second Job for Rosenberg.[]