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Trevor Philips
Trevor Artwork 2.jpg
Name: Trevor Philips
Also known as/Alias(es): T,Phillips
Appearance(s): [[Grand Theft Auto V And Grand Theft Auto Online , Grand Theft Auto VI, The Fighter’s Generation (Video Game), The Fighter’s Generation ll, The Fighter’s Generation lll
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Date of birth: 09/11/1969
Home: Trailer, Zancudo Avenue, Sandy Shores, Blaine County

7611 La Goma Street, Los Santos (Formerly)
Vanilla Unicorn, Los Santos (GTA V) Newport, Liberty City (GTA VI)

Nationality: Canadian
Affiliation(s): Michael
Philips familyVictor Vance
Toni Cipriani
Chris Pinkerton
Stewart Smith
Rob Smith
Phillip Freebers
David Freebers
Vehicle(s): Red Bodhi

Black Hod Rod Blazer (gift)

Family: Mrs. Phillips (biological mother, deceased)
Ryan Phillips (biological brother, claimed to be deceased)
Mr. Phillips (biological fa绝对……

ther, deceased)
Michael De Santa (elder adoptive brother.

Weapon(s): Player's Choice
Voiced by: Steven Ogg
Height: 1,90

"What happens in the dark, comes out in the light"

- Trevor Philips

Trevor Philips is a character in the Grand Theft Auto (series) who appeared in the newest Grand Theft Auto game, Grand Theft Auto V, as one of the three playable characters.


Trevor Philips was born on 20.11.1965, in Canada. (situated between the U.S. border) and spent most of his childhood there. He had behavioral issues in his childhood and when he got in trouble, Ryan decided to get him out of it. Years later, Trevor joined the Canadian Air Force in hopes of carrying out bomber missions but was unfortunately laid off because the Army therapist deemed him mentally unstable. Later, Trevor met Michael and instantly was infatuated with his ideas of theft and robbery. Together they carried out multiple small time robberies.

Relationships With Other Characters[]

  • Michael - Trevor and Michael met while committing crimes in the same area. They first co-operated with one another to get rid of a security guard, although Trevor ended him by shooting a flare gun into his eye socket. Trevor and Michael grew a likeness for one another after they began to rob several banks back in the day. But somewhere in that time, both men had a falling out which led to a rift in their friendship. It was said by Dan Houser that Michael may have needed to get away from Trevor, along with another statement that no one should spend much time with Trevor. Michael and Trevor don't get along very well. In some cases, an argument can result in a fight between Michael and Trevor.
  • Franklin - Both Franklin and Trevor had a hard time getting used to each other, as said during The Extraction, Trevor angrily insulted and mocked Franklin and Michael about how Michael was acting like a father to Franklin. But Trevor able to put his trust in Michael's judgement of Franklin, and the three men were able to make an well rounded but unconventional team. Both Michael and Franklin aren't very fond of Trevor.
  • Ron - Ron is Trevor's best buddy, and since Trevor can't have many friends for many reasons, (including the area in which both men live in), he is the closest friend beside Michael. But Ron is always paranoid and terrified to spend time with Trevor, (Ron being a paranoid conspiracy theorist). However, after the events of GTA V, Ron became bitter about Trevor as he has ”gone Vinewood” on him as of 2017.
  • Floyd - Floyd is another one of Trevor's associates. Although Floyd always dislikes Trevor, he is faithful to him out of fear. Trevor, for his part, always treated Floyd disdainfully, and turned him into his servant. However, it is implied during Hang Ten, Trevor is shown to have compassion for Floyd, and during a news report after the mission, it is revealed that Floyd was killed by his girlfriend Debra. However in the opening cutscene to Hang Ten it is implied that Trevor killed both of them. As he exits the building with blood all over his shirt. He then flees to the Vanilla Unicorn most likely so he’s not a suspect to the murders.

Skills and Abilities[]

Since Trevor was in the war, he is skilled in armed and unarmed combat. Trevor is also quite strong, as he was able to lift Michael off of his two feet without any struggle nor effort. He is also a very capable fighter and can still handle a load of tough task, such as kicking a helicopter pilot out of a helicopter in mid-air or driving a truck from out the back of a flying plane while jumping from out of the truck with a parachute.

Special Qualities[]

  • Players will be able to customize Trevor with clothes, tattoos and and haircuts that will fit his personality, (meaning players can't have Trevor purchase clothes, haircuts or tattoos that will make him look out of character).
  • The damage on Trevor will appear in real-time depending on the injuries he can receive. This also goes for Michael and Franklin.
  • In addition to each of three characters having skills that improve over the course of time, each of the three playable protagonists has a unique special ability that can help get players out of a tough situations. Once Trevor uses his ability, he will go into a frenzy mode were he'll deal out double damage to his enemies, take less damage himself and perform a unique melee attack. It should also be said that when Trevor gets mad, he'll be much more stronger.
  • Since Trevor is the protagonist that has the most flight experience, he will be the best pilot at the start of the game, no matter how much you raise everyone's skills.
  • The players will not have to wait until later in the storyline to fly planes. Since Trevor is a former military pilot, the players will be able to fly planes as him early in the story, all they have to is find a plane to fly it. Although, this will be quite difficult, as airport security will give you a tough fight rather than letting you walk right in and take a plane.

Mission Appearances[]

  • As one of the three main protagonists in the game, Trevor will appear in almost every mission.
  • The Extraction
  • Blitz Play


Trevor has had a very positive responses from many fans of GTA V and professional video game critics about his "f*ck off!" personality, and extreme behavior. Fans of the series claim Trevor to be a protagonist who you can play and not feel awkward about killing random people. Trevor's grand appearance during the GI demo, is consider an unforgettable one and sets up the character nicely, (the camera is zoomed in on Trevor's face but then zooms out to show him sitting on the toilet fighting constipation while yelling the famous quote, "I need a fucking midwife for this thing!", if Michael is just moaning and groaning, he is only sitting on the toilet straining to crap).


  • Trevor is the first Canadian protagonist in the GTA series.
  • Trevor is the first protagonist in the entire GTA series to have a drug addiction and take drugs at his own will.
  • Trevor's zodiac sign is Scorpio.
  • Trevor is the second oldest main character in Grand Theft Auto V.
  • Trevor was originally casted to be a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto V, but was re-casted in one of the roles of the three main protagonists.
  • It is known that he and Lamar dislike Michael after the death was faked.





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